Dogs are being trained specifically for veterans behind prison walls and it is wonderful In some prisons around the country, inmates are training and preparing service dogs for placement with veterans who need them. Recently, we had the honor more

Fall is upon us and our Groom Shop is already getting clients coming in with itchy and uncomfortable dogs who are suffering from fall allergies. Fall means dying plant life, mold, and dryness that can mess with your dog’s more

Remember the Parachute Game we used to play in gym class? With the huge, brightly colored parachute we would all shake, and someone would get underneath, or on top, or both? After more than 20 years, we saw a more

Our Company Store recently hosted a free workshop that featured Carolyn Ross, a certified Tellington TTouch practitioner, and provided information and tips about the practice. What is Tellington TTouch? Tellington TTouch can be used to connect with your dog, more

You know that dogs have been used for tracking for decades, even centuries. They have been instrumental in finding lost people, tracking criminals, protecting our airports, and for hunting purposes. One of our previous Planet Dog Foundation grantees, Working more