About the Planet Dog Company Store

About the Planet Dog Store in Portland, Maine

Our Flagship Store, located in Portland, Maine, is your home for all Planet Dog products and those of our best friends in the industry. Our Flagship Store offers us a forum to learn from our customers and help us develop the innovative products that dogs and dog lovers need. We take pride in stocking our store with everything a loving, responsible pet parent needs. Bring your dog out to Portland’s Bayside neighborhood, and stop in to say hello, grab a treat, and see all that we have to offer.

In addition to our award-winning products, we offer a wide array of premium dog products, healthy food and treat options, grooming services, regular play sessions for puppies and popular events for people and dogs. Our highly trained, wildly dog-loving staff is there 7 days a week to provide dogs and dog lovers with the best possible retail experience.

Any questions you may have for the company store, call us at 207.347.8606 or email our Store Manager Brad Harris at bharris@planetdog.com.