Planet Dog Wood Chuck® with RecycleBALL

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Pet Secret Shopper Review

“This is hands-down, the best performing, best constructed dog ball tosser we've ever tested and knowing that we're helping protect Mother Earth by using a product made from recycled cork scraps, and that a portion of our money is going to organizations who raise, train and place service dogs, makes the Wood Chuck even sweeter!”Click here to read the full review.

Throws the distance. naturally.

This award-winning and innovative product is ENGINEERED WITH SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO & REUSED CORK SCRAPS. A sleek take on other ball-tossing devices, wood chuck’s® bamboo core offers strength and maximum chuck-ability with an ergonomic cork handle for comfort and grip-ability throw, after throw, after throw. Wood Chuck’s® 4-pronged claw coupled with the pliant nature of our Orbee-Tuff® toys make it a cinch to grab and throw. Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBall® is included.

Goes the distance every time.

All of Planet Dog’s 2.5” Orbee-Tuff® toys can be used with the Wood Chuck®. Look for the Wood Chuck® friendly toy icon to be sure it fits!

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