Groom Shop

Dogs romp. They swim. They dig. They roll.

Sometimes their favorite places stay with them longer than the memories. That’s why we offer a full assortment of refreshing services to rejuvenate the skin and coat while energizing the spirit.

Our goal is to celebrate the life you share together by enhancing the health and well-being of your best-friend: inside and out.

A dog’s life can be messy. Let us clean it up.

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Basic Services

Full Wash
Conditioning, as needed
Blow Dry
Light Brushing
Nail Trimming/Ear Cleaning
Anal Gland Expression
Signature *
All Maintenance Services
Basic Trim/Shape/Rake
Signature Shave *
All Maintenance Services
Full Shave
Signature Breed Specific*
All Maintenance Services
Breed Specific Cut
A La Carte Services
Nail Clipping $12.00
Ear Cleaning $8.00
Nail Painting $10.00
Tooth Brushing $10.00
De-skunking $10.00
Flea/Tick Wash $15.00
Nail Polish $15.00
Anal Gland Expression $10.00

* All groom prices are subject to change based on the condition of the dog.

Deluxe Spa Packages

Delightful DeShed
After a luxurious bath, we massage your dog with a botanical conditioner containing natural kava and oatmeal that helps limit matting, tangling, shedding and skin irritation. Restores sheen and body to a lackluster coat!
Small/Medium dog: $15      Large dog: $20      X-Large dog: $25
Winter Pad Protection
Nails trimmed and filed. Fur trimmed from pads.
Musher’s Secret application. $18
Wash and Go
Quickie bath. Towel dry. Done.
Small dog $15 Medium dog $20
Large dog $25 X-Large dog $30
Doggie Mak-e Rover *
Light trim, brush out, ear cleaning, perfume or
cologne, bow or bandana, nails.

*The cost for this spa package varies by breed. Please consult with your groomer for pricing. Woof!

Our Policies

• All dogs must show proof of all vaccinations at the time of the groom.
• All dogs must be on a leash.
• Dogs must be picked up within 30 minutes of groom completion (or containment fee will apply).
• First-time groom customers are required to complete a 10 minute groomer consultation.
• We understand the challenges of getting to appointments on time, but to serve our other clients’, we need to reschedule your appointment if you’re more than 15 minutes late.
Thank you!


Call 207.347.5139 to schedule your appointment.