That ball is going. . . going . . . gone! The Orbee-Tuff® Baseball is perfect for the backyard sports enthusiast. Any 4-legged fielder will hit it out of the park with this authentic stitched baseball. The Baseball is sized for most dogs regardless of their stats. Try it stuffed with Planet Dog Eats for an interactive treat-dispensing toy.


  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Made in the USA
  • Recyclable
  • Non-Toxic


The best-selling Baseball features authentic red stitching molded on white doggie-durable Orbee-Tuff® "leather" and measures 3" in diameter. It is rated 5 out of 5 Chompers on our Durability Scale, making it suitable for any slugger in the lineup. 100% GUARANTEED. Any time. Every time. Made in the USA.

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Oh my gosh! I have been looking for this ball for a year! It was my Golden Ret. favorite ball, and the only ball she hadn't destroyed! She carried this ball everywhere inside and out. When it got lost, while moving, she was so upset. For months she looked for it in the garage! Now she'll be thrilled to have a replacement. This ball is GREAT! I'll be ordering a few extras for my new puppy and my my Golden. Don't hesitate to buy this! You won't be disappointed, especially fi your dog rips every other ball apart.

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