The Original Orbee - "World Ball"

In the late summer of 2003, we got a letter from a customer who had just mowed over an Orbee with his John Deere. It remained 100% in tact. That customer happened to write for Parade magazine and in the November edition he described the Orbee as "the world's best dog ball." We completely agree.

That's just one of the hundreds of kudos, awards, accolades and testimonials we have received since the Orbee made its debut on the dog toy scene in 2000.

How do you innovate the world's best dog ball? Start by formulating a top-notch material. We worked with chemists for more than a year to develop Orbee-Tuff®, our now-famous signature compound. Hundreds of hours of field and lab testing later, we had it: the most durable, pliable, buoyant and bouncy dog toy on the market. But we didn't stop there. Knowing dogs love to smell, we threw in some mint scent to take them over the olfactory edge. Of course, Orbee-Tuff® is also eco- friendly. It consists of all non-toxic ingredients and the compound is 100% recyclable.

Dogs and their owners world-wide love the Orbee and its litter mates of other whimsically-shaped toys. But don't just take our word for it:

In all my years of owning dogs and buying dog toys, I have never found any to equal your products! They are the absolute favorite toys of all my dogs, some of whom never play with anything else!

In fact, I have had to make an "emergency replacement" for my dog Sugar's artichoke toy, which is her most favorite fetch toy in the whole world. She won't fetch anything else with the same enthusiasm, so I ordered two replacement artichokes!

The Orbees last forever, which makes them unique among toys I have purchased that get the same amount of use. Thank you for a great product!!

With wags,

E. McKenna, Norwell, MA